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It might involve a lot of re-linking work though unfortunately. WikiProject Websites Websites articles. If anything they need to make their prices fair.

Last version, , released in February , can be still downloaded from GitHub. Buddy Image Buddy image is an image hosting site with unlimited storage, and up to 8mb per image.
Photobucket is one of the largest image hosting platform in the world. However, if you have gotten bored of using it then there are more sites like Photobucket up for your entertainment.
One version, available on the T-Mobile Sidekick, allows users to upload photos and videos directly from their phone. For a small monthly fee of $ for the application, photos and videos can be edited to include titles, descriptions, and tags.
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DENVER, Feb. 19, /PRNewswire/ -- Photobucket Corporation, a leading online photo sharing and print community, today officially launched Photobucket Print Shop™ for Mobile, giving users the.

Simplicity Simplicity score reflects how simple or easy to use the mobile application is. Based on scores by our most trusted members. Please login to add your score for Photobucket Graphics played on the mobileApp. Lifespan Lifespan score reflects how much gameplay this mobileApp game has in it. This is an average score out of 10 left by our most trusted members.

A high Lifespan score could represent a short fun game, which can be replayed again and again or it could be a game that takes a long time to complete. Please login to add your score for Photobucket Lifespan played on the mobileApp. Photobucket was beginning to look like a broken down abandon building anyway.

I just deleted my account by PB and had images for 2 graphic forums there. We have done a good job, uploaded to an other host and fixed all the links. Thanks to this I have realized very important thing — if you want this never happen to you again, you have to forget any public image hosting websites TinyPic etc. Yes, it will cost you domain fee and hosting probably , but as was mentioned above, it will be still very low price, lower than most paid plans on image hosting websites and if your country have expensive domains fees, you can usually get domains from cheaper countries at your hosting company — I am from Czech republic and.

Then I checked some paid ones and ultimately found this: If you can edit your posts, just go thru all of them and delete every link to images on photobucket you find. If you cannot edit the posts, I am afraid the only way is to delete them and create them without links as new, but I doubt you want to do that, because the dates will get messed and you will lose all comments attached to that original articles. Just deleted my account and left some choice words for them.

Their actions make no sense and will surely back fire on them. Sucks to be them! Wonder what the stock holders think of this? Which websites for alternative version of PhotoBucket to upload any image, just for posting into forums??? I mainly use it for storage and if I wanted to post an image when I was away, I always downloaded it to my Laptop first, then I uploaded it from there into my forum; and not from Photobucket, so I do not really need the linking feature.

Photo Puke bucket has been crap for many years a lot of the time there was issues with it find another site and let photo puke bucket die with the rest of the garbage out there. This will spell the END for Photobucket. Not even a 1. What is the board thinking? There are other alternatives to photobucket. Fuck Photobucket, was turning to shit anyway. I use photobucket for maybe 10 years now! I just got the email this morning.

Nice of them to let us know ahead of time there was going to be a policy change. They will lose plenty of free users, but I doubt they really care. Downloading all my pictures right now, moving them to my hosting and fixing the links. What a damn headache.

But I learned a lesson not to rely on free images hosting providers. The image I need hosting are for forums, so other people can learn or benefit from my projects experience. There are plenty of places can do 3rd party hosting, I moved my small collection of photos over to google photos.

Leave the servers all clogged up. I host most of my images on Blogger. I deleted all of my photos on PB and then closed the account, thinking that would at least make the warnings disappear. So far, no go. Even on the posts where I have manually removed them the warning ad shows up at the footer. I am so-so with html but follow directions well. Where is it still connected?

Why is it in the footer? Slowly and carefully transferring all of my image files to Postimage from my Photobucket accounts. This really stupid and!!! I received the notification from photobucket about eight hours ago — about three weeks AFTER it was implemented.

Attempts to download my albums have failed. It seems photobucket has stepped up enforcement of their extortion scheme. I have tried downloading an album three times and receive the email message that the download is ready. I have over 42 gigs of photos posted on internet outdoor gear forums over nearly a decade using Photobucket. I have been paying Photobucket for years rather than using a free service to avoid just this problem.

I wanted to leave them as their service was getting worse and worse but stayed on because of all those internet posts.. Aw heck it never fully worked. So why would I pay more for something others get for free? What is to stop Photobucket in a few years odds are they will be BK over this from charging dollars a month. That would add gigs more photos hostage if I stayed. So will move on. You suck photobucket before this and suck more now.

What other use is Photobucket for other than this given all the options on the internet? I should never of paid you a penny in the first place as it only resulted in more work cleaning up your mess. I just found the Photobucket email in my spam folder whilst looking for a different email — what a rude shock I got — I initially thought it was a phishing email as well like others have mentioned. The price for the plan which allows third-party hosting is ridiculously expensive, even taking into account what it would cost Photobucket to host our pics.

I foresee this business decision being the death knell for Photobucket. I use PB to host maybe 20 online pics on my sites, thats it. And have used them for years. All of a sudden I have to upgrade. They want a month for hosting 20 pics??

I say no way, then they say well then you can be part of our special elite group of monthly subsciber. How is that special?? Do they not know math at all??

I just deleted my account. I will not be held hostage by anyone. There are far too many other venues to use. Little did know that the lines, boxes, icons and other drawings for the theme were stored on Photobucket but not by me. I discontinued the blog a few years ago, but kept it on Blogger to easily access the posts that I wrote for years. In other words, it is no longer available for everyone to see — so the 20 JPGs could hardly have been hogging any band width.

But I quickly found that without an an account, I had no way to do anything but look at the pictures. So I jumped back on Blogger and converted my blog to a standard New Blogger theme. Now I can see what I wanted to see. Before, all I could see was a page full of those ugly Photobucket warnings. Other part of the problem is forums allowing 3rd party image hosters embeds, this is bad, ultimately due to this shit-economy most off those images will be lost, instead, there should be a ban on them and mandatory use of forum attachments to post said images.

There is version for both chrome and firefox, you will need to clean up your cache to make it work. Here is a way to download all your content from photobucket without paying them: Almost immediately after the unexpected decision of the Photobucket storage I shared here my indignation. Of course, stopping our photos in many forums was absolutely incorrect and perhaps without precedent in this field. As a result, I had to upload all my photos — more than ! I mean concretely the Bulgarian mountain forum planina.

Everyone can imagine all complexity and tedium of that process: When the long process of corrections was coming to the end, I was wondered to observe that in another forum where I had incidentally published some opinions, rigas.

Recently, when I am near the end of the moving my photos I am again wondered to notice that my old photos stored yet in Photobucket appear normally! Does anybody have an explanation of this phenomenon?

Is it a result of a sudden benevolence concretely to my person after my Tantalus torments? By the way, my post cited above is devoted to a Bulgarian ancient pagan ritual of chasing bad spirits using terrible masks and bells.

May the change affected my photos be a result of this ritual? The address of the forum cited above is http: At least on my computer and just today!? Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Ghacks Newsletter Sign up.

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May 28, - comments. Closing Words Photobucket may make a quick buck from the unannounced change, as some members may feel pressured in paying up so that their images are displayed again on third-party sites. Do you host images on third-party sites?

If so, on which? We need your help Advertising revenue is falling fast across the Internet, and independently-run sites like Ghacks are hit hardest by it. If you like our content, and would like to help, please consider making a contribution: LibreOffice starts a mascot design contest! Comments Lehst said on June 30, at 2: Julie said on July 1, at 2: Larry Kniveton said on July 8, at KLB said on July 8, at Susan said on July 31, at 3: Otto Rapp said on December 21, at I totally agree its so unbelievable I too thought this was a hoke a fake email wow..

Robyn said on February 5, at I am wondering how to delete my photobucket acct. Ollie Hopnoode said on June 30, at 2: Phil said on June 30, at 6: Just a user said on June 30, at 3: Imgur terms of service also prohibit third party hosting: TelV said on July 2, at Aura said on June 30, at 3: Anonymous said on July 7, at 1: Bittersylence said on June 30, at 4: I use PhotoBucket all the time.

Will find a new host now. RG said on June 30, at 4: Richard Allen said on June 30, at 4: Anonymous said on June 30, at 5: Don't be so entitled said on June 30, at 9: Ben said on July 3, at 2: Mikhoul said on June 30, at 5: Abraxis said on July 1, at 4: What part of the following did you not understand?: Greg Shepherd said on June 30, at 7: Martin Brinkmann said on June 30, at 7: Larry Hancock said on June 30, at 7: Amy said on June 30, at 8: Abraxis said on July 1, at 5: RichardT said on June 30, at 8: Thank you for the heads up, Martin — account deleted!

Anonymous said on June 30, at 8: Martin Brinkmann said on July 2, at Cornelis said on July 1, at 9: Christa said on July 2, at 1: Laura said on July 1, at 9: Guy Incognito said on July 17, at 3: Dave said on July 18, at 7: Yunlihn said on July 1, at 9: David said on July 2, at 7: Lash said on June 30, at 9: Rose Kasper said on June 30, at Vladimir Sotirov said on June 30, at Ed said on July 1, at 2: M said on July 1, at 2: PB will go the way of MySpace. How many others cut their throats?

Fixes for top crashes and ANRs. Upgraded app to scale up for larger devices. Security enhancements for login and registration.

Fix for inaccurate sub album, image and video counts in album list. Sweet Selfie Sweet Selfie can make you look great and prove it! BeautyPlus Look beautiful in your selfies. Photo Grid Get in touch with your inner artist to effortlessly create cool photos. Adobe Photoshop Touch Photoshop for Android tablets.

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