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American Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Visionaries. Insoles are usually made of cellulosic paper board or synthetic non woven insole board. Most of their footwear has a certain simplicity that captures the eye and refuses to let go.

Onesole interchangeable shoe as seen on Shark Tank. Onesole shoes created by pharmacist Dominique Barteet are super comfortable with thousands of tops and heels.
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Onesole interchangeable shoe as seen on Shark Tank. Onesole shoes created by pharmacist Dominique Barteet are super comfortable with thousands of tops and heels.

Walking trainers that perform just as well on sidewalks as they do on woodland trails. Thoroughly waterproof for those days when you get caught in the rain. High build quality from the soles to the reinforced leather eyelets. Plenty of cushioning but not so much that it negatively affects performance. The unique hole in the sole allows water to drain out rather than lingering and causing problems. The hole that lets the water out can also let sharp objects in so be careful.

It also happens to be one of the most comfortable hiking boots made today and will feel right at home on the sidewalks of your favorite big city. You feel propelled along the trail, road or sidewalk in the GTX, just like you should with any truly great walking shoes. The best part though may be the design; which is plenty outdoorsy without being so large that it calls attention to itself.

Dynamic cushioning is sensibly deployed not simply stuffed in to cover design deficiencies. Breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex outer keeps you dry and warm when the weather is wet and cold.

Laces have been known to come undone from time to time with some customers. They can be cut a bit narrow as well so wide foot hikers may have an issue. The Go Walk 3 is incredibly comfortable from the moment you slip them on to the minute you take them off. The lining of this nursing shoe has been treated with an antimicrobial solution that resists odor.

These slip-ons are durable and sturdy. They also allow insertion of insoles of your own choice, to provide you with your own preferred support. These shoes are also great for male nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis. They will improve on that condition in days. The Keen Utility work shoe is designed for the hard-working professional. Any individual who spends a large amount of time on their feet, such as nurses or doctors, will love this closed clog. The stain and water resistant leather upper has been designed with an elastic touch, so you can easily put it on and off again.

The non-marking rubber outsole provides a secure foundation. This is a shoe designed to look good and let you work hard. The water resistant leather upper, ensures comfort and stability.

It is easy to wipe and clean. As a professional nurse, your work demands long standing and walking hours. Therefore, you need a comfortable clog. The Dansko professional clog offers that and much more. These clogs reduce the strain on your feet and legs. The lining is made with an anti-microbial solution to prevent stinky feet from stinking the clog up. The advanced heel design allows the heel to move up and down naturally, as you go through your work routine.

The outsole absorbs shocks, thereby allowing you to remain on your feet longer. The only regret you will have, is not having bought them sooner. When your day is long and work is stressful, simply slip into the ultimate comfort provided by the Dansk Wide Professional Clog. The clog is designed with rich leather uppers, featuring a high toe box for providing sufficient room for feet and toe movement. Dansko Professional clogs will keep you comfortable all through your busy working schedule.

The shock-absorbent outsole, the contoured leather insole and the smooth leather upper all work together to give you the highest quality in working footwear. Or for people who have wide feet to begin with. All medical students and hospital employees should invest in a good pair of work clogs. The fit is excellent, the traction is great, and the arch support is substantial. The are available in wide range of different colors to choose from. These clogs will give you all the comfort you need, for those rigorous working routines of yours.

The Super Birki is the king of durability and comfort. It has a really straight-to-the-point upper, that lets you slide in there very conveniently. They will last you for many years. If you need something roomy, reliable, and comfortable for long hours on your feet, then you need to look at the Super Birkis.

The insoles and footbeds are replaceable and interchangeable. They are easy to clean and washable. The soles are slip-proof and come with curvy waves all the way through, to provide better traction. Once you get used to them, the shoes will prove to be very comfortable. They are ideal slip resistant work shoes for nurses. But also for people working in other professions where people stand and walk for long hours.

These shoes have been manufactured using full grain leather, among other superior materials to ensure they last long. The steady step and the cushioned support provided by these shoes, is unparalled. They are lightweight too, making it easy to move around your work place. However, they are very sturdy and fit perfectly straight out of the box. The interior of the shoe is very spacious and can comfortably accommodate people with wide feet. Offered in full grain or nubuck leather, the shoe resembles other popular styles from the same company.

This slip-on work shoe is a top performer, both indoors and outdoors. This shoe has been designed with air cushioning beneath the heel for an added touch of comfort. The collar on the shoe is sufficiently padded to give your feet the perfect fit. For sure footed confidence and all day comfort, the stylish Encore Slide Nubuck is a shoe recommended for all nurses.

It provides stability, fatigue fighting cushioning, and a slip-resistant traction needed for long workdays. The heel section has been fitted with a Merrell air cushion for absorbing shocks and providing yet additional stability. There is also a mesh lining for providing breathable comfort, while also acting as a means of resisting odor.

The Merrell Pro Grip Nubuck is a convenient shoe for anyone who works long hours standing up. Look, we all know Crocs receive a lot of flak.

But who cares what other people think? The fact of the matter is that Crocs are an extremely comfortable nursing clog to wear. Invest in these Unisex Bistro Clogs, because they are awesome. They are manmade and have a synthetic sole. The shaft is almost a whole inch away from the arch.

This gives them a lot of flexibility. And this, in turn, gives you a whole lot of comfort. Week in, week out. For the entire lifespan of the clog.

They have a very thick metatarsal area. This helps to protect your foot from any spills that might occur. Nobody likes a dirty clog, ofcourse. But should they get dirty anyway, they rest assured that they are simple to clean, using regular soap and water. The iconic Jungle Moc is a perfect balance between a professional work shoe and a rugged outdoor shoe.

With water resistant uppers, these slip-ons keep the feet fresh all day long. The underfoot is flexible and cushioned, to prevent your feet from becoming tired. The supportive nylon arch shank gives you a very stable walk, even on surfaces that are very uneven.

It is one of the best shoes for a high-paced work environment, where standing and walking for hours in a row are required. It has been designed to be a training shoe, but it will work very well for nurses who have to stand on their feet all day long.

You can tell by looking at the outer soles alone. They are a mix of fabric and synthetic, but the sole is entirely made of rubber. This is good news for every nurse who hates the idea of slipping on a fluid spill lying around the hospital halls.

New Balance pours a lot of its profits back into research, rather than celebrity endorsements. And you can tell from the sheer comfort that comes from walking in these shoes. They give great lateral support and hold your feet solidly in place. Due to its excellent support, this shoe is also very good for plantar fasciitis. But then again, a nurse usually performs her daily activities indoors!

But this is quite a shame, really, because they most definitely create excellent footwear that provides you with great support. This is actually a running shoe, which makes it suitable for somebody who walks a lot during the day. They are made of leather, synthetic material and mesh uppers and PVC stripes. The tongue is very heavily padded, as well as the collar.

The compression molded EVA midsole is put in there to ensure that you will feel like you are walking around on cloud 9 all day long at your standing job. The heels have been designed to be very wavy, which makes it so that they soften impacts. And you can never have enough impact absorption on a shoe, if you ask me. Especially if you need to be walking around all day at a hospital. They are also true to fit. Some colors are a tad bit flashy.

Maybe too flashy for a nurse. But thankfully, more subtle colors are also available. Once again, I present you with a shoe with thick outer soles, because I know from experience how wonderfully comfortable thick soles are to walk on.

Their original design is black and purple, but they are also available in white, gray and pink combinations. They are made of fabric and synthetic material. The sole itself is also synthetic. The insoles are removable, so that you can replace them with your own custom inserts. These Super Walks were designed to help you make laps around the track, or walking a long trail, such as a hiking trail.

Any shoe built to withstand those kinds of stress, are definitely going to be good enough for a female nurse. You can expect the Super Walks to work with you, rather than against you. This insole will give you no less than 3 times the shock absorption, with 2x the energy return. Fila shoes entered the market many years ago. But in recent years, their popularity has tripled.

They are especially popular in India. But the rest of the world, including the US, is just starting to get its toes wet when it comes to Fila. These shoes offer great quality at a small price. These are actually running shoes. But, you know… running shoes, tennis shoes. The leather upper is comfortable and is designed to give lots of lateral support. The midsole material is made of so called ethylene vinyl acetate. You can always count on these guys to come up with excellent quality footwear at bottom low prices.

The price tag on these shoes is a joke. Nothing could be farther from the truth, since these get rave reviews from people who praise them for their quality and comfort. Reebok might increase the price if their popularity keeps soaring the way it is! This is the same technology that New Balance uses a lot in their shoes as well. This is the support you need, right here.

They come with a memory tech sockliner, which is removable. So depending on how you like your Reebok Lumina Pace Classics to fit, you can either leave these in or take them out to create more space.

The beveled heel construction is there to improve your gait. Made for running athletes, these shoes are bound to give a nurse the support she needs while tending to her patients. You can say about K-Swiss whatever you like, but the fact of the matter is that their shoes definitely stand out in the crowd.

Most of their footwear has a certain simplicity that captures the eye and refuses to let go. K-Swiss markets them as an American tennis style sneaker.

This really completes the picture. They are mostly true to size, for most people. Some have stated that, in the beginning, the fit was a tad bit on the tight side. However, after a week of wearing them daily… they will have stretched to fit your feet comfortable. They can squeak a little. But with enough ambience noise in the background going on at work, you are unlikely to really notice this. While not every shoe in this tennis shoe list is actually a tennis shoe… this one truly is!

They are made of leather and have a synthetic sole. It has mesh uppers and the overlays are perforated as well. Crafted from durable and high quality leathers with a worn finish, A Diciannoveventitre takes a modern approach to the long practiced and traditional ways of shoemaking. Testoni footwear innovatively combines ancient and contemporary Italian design techniques to make shoes that demonstrate master level Italian craftsmanship.

Every shoe is strictly handcrafted with no hesitation in using the highest quality materials along with including elaborate detailing for style. Hailing from Switzerland, the Bally company incorporates clever splashes of color and athletic style in their footwear, all while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic with their use of high quality materials, sleek and polished design, and different builds for the lavish lifestyle. From Oxfords, Loafers and Derbies, Berluti has been crafting shoes for the elegant man since His selection of superb and comfortable leather footwear is made to give the best impression for those formal occasions or for everyday casual wear.

The style of Paris is achieved through their sophisticated designs and elegant image. Inspired by the beautiful Solomeo landscape in Italy, his brand has made many admire its philosophical approach to design.

This ever popular shoe brand is most distinguished by their signature red-lacquered soles, along with dressier designs that include patent leather and jeweled straps. Christian Louboutin footwear exists as one of the most elegant and trendy shoe brands of the era. Admired as a modern shoemaker, Corthay has taken the knowledge passed down from the Compagnons, a French medieval guild, in order to perfect the art of shoemaking and use different materials, techniques, and shapes for an exclusive selection of dress shoes.

Straight from Northampton, quality and timeless style is emphasized in their shoemaking process. Made only by skilled artisans in Italy, Dami specially tans their crocodile material while paying great attention to modern trends and fashion. Without forgetting its Mediterranean origins, Dolce and Gabbana have continuously presented new views on elegance while staying true to their highly admired styles and creativity.

Their footwear collection brings bold patterns to the runway and often makes quite the impression. The tradition of English elegance is well kept with the timeless styles of Edward Green, birthed in Northampton in Their attention to classic designs can still be noticed in their skillfully crafted shoes that connect sophistication and the modern trends together. Founded in Rome in , Fendi takes the history, art, and beauty of the ancient city and imbues these elements into their brand.

Fendi reflects their heritage into their shoes with skilled workmanship and innovative design, expressing charm and creativity. Founded in Italy in , the Giacometti brand has built itself upon producing footwear with unique construction and design, including the countless variations of leather and distinguishable details that help to set the Giacometti name apart from all the rest.

Being known for their incredibly popular patterns and creative use of quality materials, Gucci is the definition of diverse, contemporary, and high-end.

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