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Apply now and save today. Dear Buyers, We are samsons sweaters Ltd. They should have my information. Limit one coupon per customer per transaction.

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Banana Customer Care Address North Meadows Drive, Grove City, OH Would you be able to email me at [email protected] with the particulars of where to purchase it? My family lives in OH. thank you sincerely, anna marie ph. Reply Delete.
Banana Republic Store Card login and bill pay links, customer care, service, support and contact info. Find Banana Republic Store Card phone numbers, email addresses, and links.
9 reviews of Banana Republic Corporate Office Headquarters
Banana Republic Store Card login and bill pay links, customer care, service, support and contact info. Find Banana Republic Store Card phone numbers, email addresses, and links.
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The address of Banana Republic is Banana Republic Customer Service North Meadows Drive, Grove City, OH , USA. Banana Republic Customer Service Email Address Support The email address of Banana Republic is

You will need to contact customer service to change your billingaddress of your BPI credit card. You can also send in the newaddress with your next payment. How to get credit card billing address? How do you change my billing address at HS BC credit card? Phone them up and ask them. What is the purpose of a credit card bill? You are sent bills to know what has been happening on your account and how much money you have so you know how much you can spend, where you spent money, how much you spent an … d also if there is a transaction you didn't know about.

In Credit and Debit Cards. In Accepting Credit Cards. Credit Cards do not list the address it is registered to on the card due to security purposes. If you need to know the address, it is the address where the bank statement f … or the specific account is posted to. Alternatively, if you do Online Banking, you can view a bank statement online and see your address through this. Yes, you will be able to pay one credit card bill with another credit card.

There are a couple of different ways to do this: Balance transfer - There are credit cards … that would let you transfer some of the the balance from one card to another. The interest for this transfer is usually lesser on the transferred balance. Using Credit Card Checks - You can also use the checks that come with some credit cards. All you've got to do is write a check for the amount due. He mostly buys your non iron shirts and loves them, but lately they have been ripping just below the elbow after wearing them only a couple of times.

Now i must say some of his shirts are old and some are new but he rotates them and maybe wears each shirt times before it rips like that. I wanted to explain to somebody that this has got to be a defective issue, not wear and tear. Its really hard these days to purchase shirts he loves at a reasonable price, and lets be honest your prices are pretty high, but we do it because we love them, which is why we are so upset. Some of them are over 2 years old but again only have been worn times before ripping.

If you guys cannot do something or fix this issue i will never buy from yo guys again. Who wants to spend The sales help is on top of you. And the manager Maria, is just nasty. I had purchased a Banana Republic Jacket from NY i want a bigger size of jacket of XL instead of L size if it is possible to change the size i would be thankfull I have spend us Dollars please revert regards.

I use to really like the store and most of my wardrobe. I travel regularly with work to the U. Brody has a great knowledge of his product and engages in great Customer Service.

I felt very valued when I visited this particular store, which was reflected in buying far more than I usually do. I am a regular Banana Republic customer and recently have had a really bad experience trying to pay off the Banana Republic credit card that I was talked into signing up for at the store.

In person at the store i was talked into signing up for the card in order to get a discount on my purchase. So I did and eventually when I tried to activate the card in order to pay the bill online, your system informed me that my birthdate was incorrect, and it would not let me activate the card, which in turn, prevented me from making a payment on the card online.

In order to make a payment without incurring such a fee I would have to make an electronic payment using my checking account. So I attempted to do this. After making this payment, I checked my checking account every few days to make sure it went through. So I suffered through your kafkaesque automated telephone system and finally got through to a human who told me my payment was denied because of incorrect information from the checking account number. So, okay, I asked the customer service rep if i could just make a payment right there on the phone.

Let me just say that again: This hurts my brain even typing this. Here is the result: I was a regular Banana Republic customer for years. It was my primary place to buy clothes. This experience will make it very hard to continue shopping at BR in good faith. That is too much, Banana Republic. I wrote to you guys a couple of weeks ago right after the initial difficulty started. No one tried to help at all. Does anyone in your company understand the importance of basic customer service? Would these policies be acceptable to you personally, whoever is reading this?

Please consider bringing them back. They are my go-to pants for evenings and weekends and casual Fridays. When I tried to purchase this morning at 1AM it would not allow me to. Can someone please contact me on a response to my concern or direct me on who to contact regarding this matter? Dear buyers from samsons sweaters ltd in Bangladesh. We always supply our products in due time. Dear Buyers, We are samsons sweaters Ltd. Basically we exports T shirts,polo T shirts,sweaters,kids items in European country,and Middle east also.

All buyers can contact details are given below. She was very pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful finding what I was looking for. What most stood out for me was her professional wit, a unique personality which a lot of times we miss in a store experience in this day and age. Dear Banana Republic, I work for your store in Cabazon Ca and you have some upset workers with the new dress code, some females are getting away with short skirts while others aren't because there tall.

Then there is confusion with sandles, as for myself I don't like the whole dress overdue to lack of money as well as others, and we don't under stand why can't the biggest corp can't provide its works with clothes?

And I really do not want to deal with all the pain. Please reconsider this dress code, which the managers change every day to the rest of us working.

If you only knew how things were run there. I was the proud owner of a scarf that I bought at the Banana Republic at Rosedale mall in Roseville, Minnesota the Christmas before last, I was obsessed with it; wore it evvvvvvvvverywhere. It was a charcoal grey with neon pink blowfish on it. All my friends and family knew how much I loved Whaley. Upon sleepily deplaning a flight back from Seattle last fall, I think I left him on the plane. Life has not been the same since. I miss him so much!

Is there any chance on earth that one still exists in the world? Thank you for your time. They should have my information. Truly Yours, Jessie Nelson.

I experienced the worst customer service. I asked for a pair of shoes, the store clerk shouts across to someone to look for the pair. This person never shows up. After standing for 15 minutes in the line to check out because I finally gave up on the shoes ever appearing the same clerk rings me up. She scans my shirt twice instead of 1 shirt and 1 apir of tights. When I come back after I see the receipt, there is no apology or even acknowledgement of her error.

I would not refer this store at this location to anyone. I love your brand but it's poor customer service that will turn people off and will hur your brand. This store needs to be revamped! The people look bored and just unconcerned about customers!! A couple of days before the holidays I purchased 2 pairs of men's boxer briefs for my husband. I bought him a black and green. So, it wasn't til later that my husband realized one was large, his size, and the other, xlarge.

My mistake, I must have accidentally grabbed wrong size. So today my husband decides to go and exchange it for a large this is at the Banana Store at the woodbury common outlets in Central Valley, NY.

I called before hand to make sure it could be done and wouldn't be a problem since he and not I was going and would they need my card. They said no problem, didn't need the card, just the receipt which of course I had and was no where near past the 90 days. So he calls me to tell me that they were unable to do it, that first they told him they needed to see the other pair. The receipt shows that I bought the 2. They didn't have anymore large in black or any other solid colors for that matter and so he picked up the only large he could find which were striped and really not even his preference.

He asked for a manager who simply very short, cut and dry , told him the same thing, that they could only exchange it for him if it was the exact same color.

No one tried to really explain the reasoning behind this. But what difference does it make if they were all the same price when I bought them and all the same price now, colors and stripes? They said if they had a black it could be exchanged but if it was a stripe he'd have to pay the 50 cents more that they now were, what??!!

This makes absolutely no sense to me! My husband simply wound up returning the briefs. Seems pretty stupid to me that they would prefer taking a return over an exchange. I proceeded to call the store myself and they basically told me the same wishy-washy thing because really, no one had a clear explanation.

I then called a customer service on the Banana site and asked if someone was able to address an issue for me regarding a store so they put me through to some other department. The woman I spoke to which I probably should have gotten her name was very nice and didn't understand it much either. She said it didn't seem to make much sense to her either. She apologized for not really being able to give me an answer but asked if I wanted her to call the store and talk to them while she put me on hold to see if she could get a better understanding.

The woman told me that they pretty much told her the same thing and that it possibly had something to do with not having the same style number or something like that, but in a case where someone has the receipt, the stores usually honor the price you bought it for etc.

Perhaps all the blacks had the same style number and the stripes had a different style number?? This to me still makes no sense if they were all the same price. It's not like we were trying to get away with getting something for less that it really was. The woman on the phone apologized again and told me she was going to send the notes over to corporate headquarters and send me a rewards card and apology letter.

Hold on there is more Continuation from Banana boxer brief I thanked her although all I really wanted was for her to be able to say yes they are wrong, scold them and demand that they give me the freaking underwear, lol!

I am truly dumbfounded at this experience and aggravated and annoyed over something so small and simple but mostly at the "sorry can't help you, just the way it is, I have no reasonable explanation" attitude that the employees seemed to have.

My husband says he is now going to write a letter to corporate the old fashioned way. I was given a gift recently and just opened it to use it. It is a fantastic scented candle manuf. The name of this awesome scented candle is Island Grove and I have the SKU but cannot locate it on the world wide web in order to purchase several for my family and friends!

My family lives in OH. Hello, I purchased a dog wool sweater from your flagship store in NYC a few years ago. I just called them and they said that they had them for the holidays, but no longer. Can you tell me where I can purchase one? This comment has been removed by the author. Watch out if you use their credit card and then pay it off.

They continue to send you a bill every month in the mail with the same balance. They continue to state they did not receive the payment but I have my cancel checks.

They are nothing but cons. I closed the account and will never but anything from Banana Republic. I have been a rather loyal BR customer for well over 20 years.

In recent years, I've noticed that the quality of your clothes not to mention the vanity sizing has 'deteriorated'. There was a time that BR clothing were made of only natural fibers i. Yet, you still have the gaul to charge the same price. However, the BR promotion comes with a host of exclusions.

The list is as follows: Not valid on the following Banana Republic merchandise: With all these exclusions how is this any kind of sale??

Ever think about bringing back old styles from when Banana Republic had really cool stuff for sale back in the 80's? Almost like jungle gear? I remember the really neat catalogs that I had gotten in the mail. I always loved looking thru the catalogs. I bet you'd get a good response.

You can't get through to any departments at the Corporate Office. Some of their employees are rude, inconsiderate and they having misleading sales practices. I guess that is what you get for outsourcing all the clothes to be made overseas instead of giving the jobs to well deserved Americans..

Sales associates are a joke. Used to be a loyal customer at Banana Republic until the Banana Card Credit Card Company started to harass me with automated messages, that I need to call the I called while I was on vacation being worried that somebody steel my information so I called.

I received a message that this is a collection call. I managed to get through and I was told by somebody with an accent from India that my account is in good standing. As I returned from my vacation I called Banana Republic to find out what is going out, after getting back and forward I was told that somebody else opened account and gave them my phone number and this account was delinquent. More information was denied. I closed my account with Banana Republic. Banana's Credit Card Company still continues to call my phone, even so they know that somebody else gave them a wrong number or they took it down wrong.

I bought a pair of Sloan pants for work, wore them only once, didn't like the way they fit. Returned them only to be told they do not accept any returns if the item has been worn. How in the heck would one know how something feels or fits if they didn't wear it once? The lady was rude to me, and I feel like I just wasted some dollars.

I'll be sure and tell all of my friends not to shop there any more as well. I love Banana Republic! Great quality clothing and great sale items. Am always well dressed, receive lots of compliments! I called corporate office about a problem at one of their stores that happened to my son and I called the store. The manager of the store told me that the general manager would get back to me. A salesperson took advantage of my son and lied to his face and I felt corporate and the manager should be aware of it because it was not good business.

Neither ever got back to me. No more shopping at this company then

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Contact Banana Republic Customer Service. Find Banana Republic Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, Number, Chat and Banana Republic FAQ. Speak with Customer Service, Call Tech Support, Get Online Help for Account Login/5(7). Banana Republic - Modern Apparel, Handbags, Shoes, and Accessories A perfectly tailored work suit, refined dress shirts, a premium handbag, the latest shoe is the destination for men's, women's and petites' apparel and accessories for any occasion. Banana Republic does not provide customer service by email, but does provide it by phone. There are 4 ways to reach Banana Republic across 4 communication modes: phone, web, facebook, twitter. In case you didn't realize there was an alternative, the best phone number for Banana Republic customer support is