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Or capture the air of the polo match with denims and a single-buttoned black jacket, worn with a white shirt with folded cuffs and knee-high boots. This one from Calvin Klein with grey metal buttons, and despite it being a suit jacket, the J. That color is great for the fall. Coming up to summer, throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a white blazer, and really, you are ready for anything.

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Grey, navy, black, tweed and brown are all standard blazer styles and well worth considering when looking for a jacket to go with your jeans. Grey Blazer Grey can be a little plain so it requires a bit more dimension and colour.
Apr 12,  · Jeans are absolutely fine with a casual black blazer in a casual situation (a navy blazer would be better). However I wouldn't recommend wearing jeans with a much smarter suit jacket, you'll end up looking like Jeremy Clarkson.
The navy polo with black jeans is an innovation on stuffy country club style, while the dual color navy and black kicks make your look coordinated without too much matching. Polo: ggso.ga, $
Summer looks like light-ish jeans and loafers (if your office permits) with a business blue shirt, under a navy cotton sports jacket and tastefully spotted long tie – sans weave. For winter months, play around with a grey, flannel jacket and mid-blue jeans; keeping the shirting quasi-corporate with a cutaway collar and white cotton.
Navy And Brown Blazers With Jeans

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But if you think this pairing is just for a casual look, you should think again. You can opt for a traditional look, feminine look or semi-formal look. You can choose skinny jeans, flares, ripped jeans or even print jeans. By mixing and matching your separates, you can create any look you like.

When you think of a blazer, the classic jacket is probably uppermost in your mind and this combo is certainly a deservedly popular choice. Skin-tight ripped jeans and a pretty top with lacy panel look great when worn with a classic black blazer — sky-high stilettos add even more emphasis to your shapely legs. For a muted colour palette, try a pair of black faded jeans with fashionable rips, worn with a plain dove-grey top and wide-lapelled black blazer, with black ballet pumps for the finishing touch.

Low-rise stretch denims, together with a plain white tee and short tailored black jacket makes a simple but stylish combination, especially when you add a touch of colour with a vibrant neck scarf. A military-style buttoned blazer makes the perfect match for rolled-up jeans and a long-sleeved stretch tee, and you can make it look even better with a large-buckled leather belt and converse sneakers.

Or capture the air of the polo match with denims and a single-buttoned black jacket, worn with a white shirt with folded cuffs and knee-high boots. Making almost as strong an impression as black, blazers in navy or brown can also make just the right kind of impact.

Dark blue skinny jeans with a vibrant floral print top and single-button navy blazer makes a striking combination, whilst a bolero-style navy jacket over white jeans and a striped tee gives a jaunty nautical air. Browns and tans always look fabulous with jeans, especially when picked up by your shoes or boots. Show some Spanish matador flair with a short tailored brown blazer with decorative closure, together with black stretch jeans and a crisp white shirt — tooled leather cowboy boots lift this outfit from great to outstanding.

Or wear a close-fitting short jacket over a longer pale knitted tunic and skinny jeans, with long heeled brown suede boots to make your legs look amazingly long. A dazzling white blazer with side pockets and buttoned cuffs looks superb when teamed with ripped denim skinny jeans and a white shirt, and you can add even more dazzle by sporting a pair of high-heeled lace-up sandals. I used to love that look. Now I hate it. It would work quite well with sportcoat, but this match is just a mess.

Nothing on this blog has represented such a 60s mod style. A clever thriller from an era when they produced that type of intelligent movie. This look here is modern mess and the stills bring home starkly how badly, for still a relatively young man, how badly Craig has aged in just over a decade. I wore this combo all the time back in uni. Although I think very appropriate for the character, which is somebody who is trying to be both a criminal and businessman. Matt, regarding odd jackets, you mentioned that they should be made of textured material or have a checked pattern.

But can a wool jacket be an odd jacket with the right details? What do you think of a wool jacket with a glen check pattern in light brown and cream with a subtle light blue overcheck? From a distance, the jacket looks solid beige. If it has patch pockets and contrasting buttons, do you think it can be worn as an odd jacket?

The material is more important and the details come second. It sounds like this jacket would look better as part of a suit. Is it part of a suit?

But it might not look bad paired with brown or maybe cream gabardine trousers. I think the point is that a worsted suit jacket normally has a very fine and smooth finish that makes it look inappropriate as a less formal odd jacket. A rougher or softer finish to the wool might mean that a jacket that otherwise has many of the features of a suit jacket could be a very successful odd jacket — many flannel or tweed odd jackets would fall into this category.

The fit and price was good so I was thinking of buying it. I was thinking of pairing it with my cream or slate blue trousers. Thanks for the help, gents! Another terrific post, thank you. Ashamed to say that I wore this combination quite regularly in the early noughties.

God it looks horrible now. I hope you will, in due course, look at the two, very sartorially self-conscious overtly Bondian films that came out this year: Perhaps they could keep us going till the return of the real thing in November? Like most movie cameras, my vision is trained to only look at people from the waist up so I feel others do the same to me.

Jeans with a suit jacket are a sartorial oxymoron — rugged workwear paired with refined businesswear. A brass button wool blazer, even paired with nice, dark jeans, is too wide a jump IMO, but others can make the leap. I do it from time to time, but my buttons are silver, not brass. I think that is my main concern too. I tend to wear a grey blazer with blue jeans, or grey jeans with a blue blazer.

Texture is the main issue here. Not shredded up jeans, but not brand-new raws or whatever. I think a jacket can look fine with jeans. Too similar in most situations. Or metal buttons of any sort.

I probably never will either. However, I definitely wear my chino navy blazer with lighter colored jeans or a nice gray tweed blazer with dark jeans all the time.

There are so many choices for casual sports jackets cotton, cotton blend, corduroy, etc. Any thoughts on whether this would work? That color is great for the fall. Urban Outfitters is kind of a gamble though. I eventually stopped shopping there altogether.

We often see men pair the traditional blazer jacket with denim jeans. A great outfit – a modern classic that 40 years ago was pushing the envelope but today is a established way to wear your blazer jacket . The navy polo with black jeans is an innovation on stuffy country club style, while the dual color navy and black kicks make your look coordinated without too much matching. Polo: ggso.ga, $ To pull off a suit jacket with jeans it’s best to keep your jeans slim or skinny fit and avoid a straight leg jean or anything that’s too loose. A suit jacket is a slim fit item so you need to keep the look consistent, and not pair it with anything that’s going to contrast with it too much.